Eliza Jennings Health Campus Directory

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Lisa Fluhart
Executive Director
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3241
Cell: 216.217.4974
Email: lfluhart@elizajen.org

Esmi Correya
Director of Social Services
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3277
Email: ecorreya@elizajen.org

Heather Borrelli
HR Generalist
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3218
Cell: 216.904.6745
Fax: 216.810.6620
Email: hborrelli@elizajen.org

Eliza Jennings Home
Phone: 216.226.0282
Address: 10603 Detroit Ave.,
Cleveland, OH 44102
Fax: 216.226.8905

Celeste Miller
Director of Nursing
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3245
Cell: 216.389.8164
Email: cmiller@elizajen.org

Angela Jinna
Director of Admissions
Phone: 216.226.1215
Email: ajinna@elizajen.org

Roberta Pyrda
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3232
Email: rplatt@elizajen.org

Call off Procedure
Call: 216.226.0282
-Dial extension 3111
Call Direct number:

Chris Gray
Life Enrichment Director
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3203
Email: cgray@elizajen.org

Don Booth
Director of Maintenance
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3205
Email: dbooth@elizajen.org

Minni Nair
Executive Director- Acacia Place
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3301
Email: mnair@elizajen.org

Anonymous Compliance Hotline
Phone: 844.995.4958

Bobby Bennett
Executive Chef
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3214
Email: bbennett@elizajen.org

Kimberly Roberts
EVS Director
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3244
Email: kroberts@elizajen.org

Maria Gonzalez
Healthpro Therapy Manager
Phone: 216.226.0282 x3256
Email: mgonzalez@healthpro-heritage.com